Friday, 9 January 2009

Some more Picture of MEEEE!

Ears Must Be Washed Thoroughly
What you lookin at?

I've had a busy couple of days. Apes  left my front gate open and I seem to have the run of the apartment. It's quite an interesting place and I can get some real speed up if I start at the front door, sweeping left turn and a quick s-bend into the lounge, round the sofa and back to the door, refursing the route. I have rewarded my subjects for their nice flat by performing some of the best binkies I can do, but I'm only little, so I'm just doing the odd "360 with earflick" and "Turn and Bounce" until I get some practice.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Bibi,good to meet you!
    You seem to have your speed running sorted but are you being too good do you think? Can you throw your litter about yet? Can you get under feet at just the right moment to unbalance them? Do you bob up and down in front of the TV if they are not taking any notice of you?
    Don't worry if you haven't learnt these things yet. You soon will.
    Happy binkying,
    your new friend, Harvey